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AOL Mail Login

AOL Mail Login

Importance of an efficient and unfailing messaging service can never be overstated in this age of communication. In fact, reliable, fast and secure email service has truly emerged as a backbone of successful professional communications. Although, it is true that recent decades have seen the emergence of a large number of email services. However, only a few of them have survived the real test of functionality and convenience. In other words, there are some email services that offer the best of the features. But, leave users confused with all the complicated functions. On the other hand, you will find easy to operate services that lack in innovative features. Among all these options, AOL Mail Login offers the best of both the worlds. It incorporates state-of-the-art features without compromising its user-friendly design. 

What is AOL Mail Login Account?

AOL Mail Login Account is a user-friendly web-based messaging platform that gives you a lightning-fast and reliable communication solution. This innovative email service is dependable, fast and fully secure with intuitive features and versatile functionality. As a holistic messaging solution, it allows you to effortlessly send and receive communication over the internet. This feature-rich portal is an ultimate productivity tool that makes communication effortless, effective and smart.  

AOL Account Creation

In case if you want to use AOL Mail Login Account as a one-stop communication tool. Then, you must create an account at its official website. It is a simple, user-friendly process that doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Still, you can follow the given set of instructions for a hassle-free account set up. 

Aol mail login

Open Browser

In order to create your AOL Mail Login Account, you must launch any Internet Browser available on your computer. For example, your system may have Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox etc. You can find it at your system’s “Taskbar” i.e. at the bottom left-hand corner of your monitor screen. Else, check your “Desktop”.

Launch AOL Homepage

Once your “Browser” opens up, go to the very top and locate its Address Bar. It is the long text box running across the window. Here, you should type in “” correctly. Then, hit the “Enter” key of your keyboard. As a result, it will launch the Homepage of AOL’s official website. 

Open Profile

Now, go to the top right-hand side of AOL Homepage. Here, you should click on the Profile icon for “Login/ Join” for AOL Mail Login Account.  

Go To AOL Account Creation Page

On the following “Sign In” window, click on the “Create Account” button. For this, look beneath the “Sign In” button at the very bottom of this window. As a result, it will redirect you to the required webpage for AOL Mail Login Account Creation. 

Provide Profile Information

This window requires you to provide accurate Profile Information. In other words, you should fill in the empty text fields with relevant details as explained below. 

  1. First of all, enter your Complete Name. Here, you will have to provide your First and Last name separately in the respective fields.  
  2. Next, you should provide a unique Username that you want to create for this account. You will use it as your Email Address to access your AOL Mail Login Account. You can even select one of the suggestions that you get on this window.
  3. After that, you must enter a “Password” to secure your account from unauthorized access. In short, you must set a strong and unique “Password”. This means your password must make use of alphabets, numerical and special characters.
  4. Then, re-enter this “Password” to confirm the same. 
  5. Thereafter, select your Date Of Birth through the drop-down menu box. This is required as you cannot create your account if your age is below 13 years.
  6. Now, select your “Gender” to personalize your experience on the AOL Sign in website.
  7. Along with that, you should enter your Postal Zip Code to get Weather and Local Stories on your Homepage.
  8. Subsequently, select a “Security Question” from the drop-down menu box to add an additional layer of security to your account. 
  9. Then, provide the “Answer” for the selected “Security Question” for verification purpose.
  10. Now, type in your Mobile Number accurately to assist in resolving Login issues. However, this is optional information. Hence, you can skip it.
  11. Next, you must enter an alternate Email Address for added protection.
Review The Details

Once you have entered all the details, go through them carefully and ensure it is correct. 

Read “Terms” and “Privacy Policy”

Before proceeding further, you must clearly read the “Terms” and “Privacy Policy”. For this, click on the respective links. You will find them at the very bottom of this window. 

Create AOL Mail Account

Finally, click on the “Sign Up” button to set up your account. As a result, it will create your account. At the same time, it will send you a Verification Email on the Email Address given above. 

Verify Email Address

At last, you must activate your AOL Mail Login Account. For this, you must Verify your Alternate Email Address provided above. Hence, launch the webpage of your Email Service and log in to your account. Then, check your Inbox and locate the Verification Email from AOL Mail. Thereafter, click on the Verification Link to conclude the Account Creation process. 

Access AOL Mail Account

Follow the instructions given below to access your AOL Sign in Account easily and quickly.  

  1. To begin with, open any Web Browser of your choice on your computing device. For instance, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox etc.
  2. Now, go to the official website for AOL Mail Login. In other words, you should enter “” in the Address Bar of your Browser. Then, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  3. Next, you should look at the very top right-hand corner of this webpage. Here, you will find a Profile icon for “Login/Join”. Hence, click on it to access AOL Mail Login window.
  4. On the following window, you should enter your registered “Username” or “Email Address”. 
  5. Then, click “Next”.
  6. Thereafter, you should type in the corresponding “Password” accurately. Here, you must ensure to type in the correct “Password” without any typing mistakes. 
  7.  Apart from that, this window also provides the option to save your password. This will keep you signed in to the account even after leaving the webpage. Therefore, if you want to select this option, tick mark the corresponding checkbox. Else, you can leave it unchecked.
  8. Finally, click on the “Sign In” button to access your AOL Mail Login Account.